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I Want Family Dentistry

Treat dental issues promptly or prevent them altogether with regular visits to The Dental House for you and your whole family, regardless of age.


Dr Stuart Garton, our Clinical Director, has a particular interest in reconstructive and aesthetic dentistry. He has a philosophy of minimally invasive dentistry. Stuart says:

We pride ourselves on being a family -orientated practice. We treat many members and different generations of the same families, including the little ones! The team are well trained to ensure that a visit to The Dental House is memorable for the whole family. You are very welcome to come along and have a look at us before you decide to book your first appointment. We can answer any questions you might have, to put you completely at ease before you see a dentist.

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Dr. Stuart Garton welcomes you to The Dental House

Welcome to our Practice and make yourself at home. When we opened in April 2015, we set out to create an incredibly modern and innovative Practice, but also a warm and friendly environment for welcoming all of our Patients. Everybody here is really focused upon the needs of our patients.

How we look after your family

We have created the perfect home for family dentistry and we are here to take care of patients of all ages. Our key to helping your family obtain great oral health is via education relating to the importance of cleaning your teeth and gums and choosing a healthy diet.

Here at The Dental House, we pride ourselves on being child-friendly and we enjoy looking after your children’s teeth. Getting your children excited to visit the dentist might seem like an impossible task, but with our friendly staff we aim to make sure this is an experience the whole family can enjoy.

Both children and adults are encouraged to come and have a look around the surgery before their first appointment to get used to the environment, we aim to ensure all questions are answered before you sit in the chair.

For those feeling nervous about a trip to the dentist, we focus on ensuring the process is explained clearly to help you feel better prepared for what’s to come and provide some ease for what’s happening inside of your mouth.

Little ones might struggle to sit still in the chair, but our focus is to ensure that they enjoy their time at the dentist and it doesn’t become something that they dread. That’s why we provide plenty of praise, stickers and balloons to encourage their cooperation.

NHS dental care is free for under 18s and children are entitled to come for regular check-ups as soon as that first ‘baby’ tooth appears. Starting from a young age helps them to become comfortable with the clinical environment.

We have a newly, purpose-built access ramp into our surgery which is ideal for wheelchairs as well as prams and pushchairs. We have a large patient wash room that includes baby-change facilities. We encourage any patients who may need further assistance in order to attend their appointments to call us in advance so we can see how we can help.


Should you experience any decay or cavities in your teeth, you may need to have a filling. Fillings are used to repair a cavity in your tooth caused by decay. Your dentist will offer you the type of filling they consider clinically necessary.

The most common type of filling is dental amalgam, made from a mixture of different metals. Dental amalgam fillings are hard-wearing so are often used on your back teeth. If you need a filling for one of your front teeth, your dentist may suggest a tooth-coloured (white) filling.

Your dentist will offer you the type of filling most appropriate for your clinical (medical) needs. For example, if you need a filling for one of your front teeth, your dentist may suggest a tooth-coloured (white) filling, but the use of tooth-coloured fillings on back teeth is also available as a cosmetic option.

Do you offer NHS appointments?

Yes, we do offer NHS appointments at the practice.

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How do you cater for nervous patients?

We understand that some people can feel nervous and dread going to the dentist, whether that’s due to previous bad experiences, a fear of needles, or phobia of dental treatment. But we are here to help in any way that we can.

Our lovely and friendly staff are here to help with anything you might need, and the warm atmosphere is the perfect way to make nervous patients feel better about their visit. We’re happy to explain your treatment with as much detail as you’d like, and ensure that you feel at ease with what’s happening and prepared for what’s to come.

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Gemma talks about her fantastic experience at The Dental House

Welcome to The Dental House

The Practice Principle, Dr. Stuart Garton, welcomes you to The Dental House.


Rob tells us he could not be happier with his treatment at The Dental House.
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