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I want Smooth Skin

Want younger looking skin? Fuller lips? The skills and care of Dr Rick will see that your facial aesthetics procedures are carried out safely and with great precision. Our stylish and clinical space will help you to feel comfortable and at ease.


Dr Rick has completed Facial Aesthetics training at the Royal College of General Practitioners London. Further training and membership of the “Aesthetic Complications Expert Group” (ACE)  allows Rick to provide Facial Aesthetics treatment (anti-wrinkle injections/dermal filler) to achieve the best possible results, utilising the safest techniques for his patients. Rick says:

Anti-wrinkle injections and Fillers are incredibly popular treatments at the moment. There is huge demand for them. At The Dental House we use techniques and instruments to make the injections as comfortable as possible for our patients.

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Gemma tells us about her amazing experience at The Dental House.

I came to a consultation with Dr. Rick. I was a little apprehensive at first, but he talked me through the whole process and put me at ease. The aftercare was excellent and the information provided really helpful. It also helps that Dr. Rick is a genuinely nice guy. Highly recommended.

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FAQs Video

Dr. Rick answers key questions regarding Facial Aesthetic treatments - including explaining the difference between Filler and anti-wrinkle injections, and, how long anti-wrinkle injections normally last for.

Want to look younger?

Anti-wrinkle injections could be the solution. Smoothing away wrinkles can result in a more youthful appearance and this can really boost your self-esteem. Anti-wrinkle injections are administered with great care and precision for minimal discomfort and maximum effectiveness.

Why receive anti-wrinkle injections from a dentist?

Facial anatomy forms the core of Dental training, so they are equipped with the knowledge and understanding which can help with anti-wrinkle injections. Because Dentists frequently administer pain-free injections, they have plenty of experience to provide this treatment as comfortably as possible.

‘I love how my now smoother skin makes me look and feel younger. Applying make-up is now so much better as it doesn’t build up in my wrinkles! Discomfort was minimal- just a small scratch. Thanks Dr Rick’ – Katie

Want Fuller Lips?

Do your thin lips affect your self-confidence? Have your lips become less full and defined as you age? Maybe you feel your lips and face would look and feel more balanced if your lips were fuller? If any of these issues resonate with you, it may be time to consider having lip fillers.

Full, plump and defined lips can look both beautiful and youthful. If you have naturally very thin lips that disappear when you smile or talk then lip fillers can help. The filler is placed carefully and precisely with a few injections to create a look that is tailored to suit your needs and facial shape. Dr Rick prides himself on creating gorgeous and natural-looking lips and takes measures to avoid the ‘fake’ look that many patients worry about.

What’s the difference between Anti-Wrinkle Injections and Fillers?

Fillers are designed to plump the skin, they target below the wrinkle to help smooth them out. Whereas Anti-Wrinkle injections work by stopping the small muscles in your face from making the movements that cause wrinkles.

If you want to discuss facial aesthetics in more detail and get some advice as to whether this treatment might be right for you, book yourself an appointment with our Treatment Coordinator or arrange a consultation with Dr Rick to get your treatment journey started.

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No, the injections will work to smooth the skin, because they’re done professionally, they’ll look natural and your skin will look refreshed.

A very fine needle is used and you will feel a small scratch but it’s not painful. If you’re particularly worried about getting them, a numbing cream can be applied.

After having your injections it’s possible that you will develop some bruising or swelling, but these will reduce quickly and you’ll see an instant difference to your skin.

Results have been known to last as long as six months, and there is some evidence to suggest that regular treatments will result in longer-lasting effects.

Each treatment plan is bespoke to you. Following a comprehensive consultation we are able to create a personalised treatment plan based around your specific concerns and provide you with a full breakdown of an investment involved.

The results can last up to 18 months depending on the area that’s been treated and the product that is used. The great thing is you’ll see the effects immediately.

A topical anaesthetic will be applied to the area before treatment begins to help minimise the discomfort caused for some by needles.

Side effects that are likely to occur when you have fillers can include redness, swelling and tenderness. It’s completely normal that you’ll also have some bruising after the procedure too. But these side effects are only temporary, and will clear up in the days after the treatment.


It will typically take around an hour to complete your procedure.

Each treatment plan is bespoke to you. Following a comprehensive consultation we are able to create a personalised treatment plan based around your specific concerns and provide you with a full breakdown of an investment involved.

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Gemma talks about her fantastic experience at The Dental House

Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Riccardo Lo Giudice answers your questions about skin treatments at The Dental House.

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