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I Want to Replace Missing Teeth

Missing teeth and gaps in your smile can cause low self-esteem because they can stop us from looking our best. Gaps between teeth can make us look older than we are as well as altering the shape of our face; this may all lead to self-consciousness. Don’t worry…we can help. We have various treatment options to banish gaps in your smile. Not only will replacing missing teeth boost your self-esteem, but it can also help to keep the rest of your mouth healthy and let you enjoy the foods you love too.


Rahul has been recognised with a Special Interest in Oral Surgery and Implantology. He uses the Staumann Dental Implant System and keeps up-to-date with new and evidence-based techniques both nationally and internationally. Rahul says:

Dental implants are a good option if teeth are missing and if patients like a fixed option in that space that does not damage the existing teeth. Bridges and even dentures can be supported on Implants to help fill spaces. At The Dental House, we offer I-Dentures, which can provide a patient with a complete smile makeover.

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Rob tells us about his amazing experience at The Dental House.

I am a Barrister by profession, and a friend recommended The Dental House to me. I am very pleased with the treatment I have received at the Practice. From the Reception Desk, to Rahul and Nick in Surgery, all the staff have been very approachable. The experience I have had has been very pleasurable, and I have no hesitation in recommending The Dental House.

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Dr. Rahul Sharma answers key questions regarding Dental Implants - including why Dental Implants are a great option for patients, how long Dental Implants can last for, and regarding suitability for having Dental Implants.


As well as affecting the way we look, missing teeth can have a big impact on self-confidence and can ruin social situations for some people. Dental implants can remove these worries and it’s nice to know they won’t fall out!

Dental implants are considered to be the next best thing to natural teeth because they are strong and secure and the way in which they are fitted allow them to feel and function like real teeth; because they are designed to fuse with bone, they become permanent.

Success rates of dental implants vary, depending on where in the jaw the implants are placed but, in general, dental implants have a success rate of up to 98% and, with proper care, implants can last a lifetime.

Your dentist will be happy to discuss dental implants with you and will be able to help you decide whether they are the best option for you. You can also discuss this and any other treatments with our Treatment Coordinator.


Dr. Kevin is a registered Valplast Technician, and also a registered iDentures registered clinician. He has really mastered the art of dentures, and it shows in his patients’ confidence levels. Kevin says:

I soon realised that Dentures could make a genuine difference to patient’s lives. I enjoy my job immensely as a result, and I love the challenges that dentures pose day to day.

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Frances tells us about her amazing experience at The Dental House.

Dr. Kevin gave me back my confidence, my ability to speak to people again. He gave me my life back.

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Dr. Kevin answers key questions regarding iDentures - including what they are, how they can be life changing for patients, and how long patients can expect them to last.


If you’re struggling to chew your food then dentures could be the answer to your problems. They’re easily removable for cleaning and can be brushed alongside your other teeth too.


Looking for the most affordable option when it comes to using dentures to replace your teeth? Acrylic dentures are the answer. They are the most basic option. They are easy to fit and can be easily altered when needed as well, but are thick and bulky.

Cobalt Chromium

Cobalt Chromium Dentures can be used to replace any number of missing teeth, plus, their thin design ensures they’re comfortable to wear. As they’re cast to fit your teeth they’ll feel secure when you wear them, plus they’re less likely to change shape over time.


If you want your dentures to look as natural as possible then a Valplast denture is the solution you need. These partial dentures are made from a plastic material that is flexible to mould to your mouth. Being able to adapt to the shape and movement of your mouth ensures that these dentures feel comfortable to wear.


Get your most true-to-nature smile with iDenture, dentures that are designed specifically for you with tooth shapes for different genders and colours that complement the age of your teeth.

If you’re concerned about the wear of your dentures, then iDentures are made from highly durable materials that are designed to resist wear, staining, cracking and chipping.

The main benefits of iDentures are that patients can get a smile personalised to their needs, and this blends well with the rest of the mouth. The unique press process for creating the base gives a precise fit for your mouth which feels comfortable and stable.

iDentures need only a soft denture brush and warm water to keep them clean on a daily basis. Ensuring caring for them is ideal for encouraging a positive sense of self wellbeing and good oral health.



What is a bridge?

Missing teeth can cause issues for an otherwise healthy mouth, as your teeth drift into the empty space. Keep your smile in place with a bridge that’s a replacement for one or more missing teeth.

Fixed Bridgework

If you’re missing just one or a couple of teeth, fixed bridgework could be the best option to replace the teeth by attaching a false tooth between your natural teeth and creating a crown for the teeth on either side.

Resin-Bonded Bridgework

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to traditional bridges, resin-bonded bridgework could be the option you need. This costs less as there is no work done to the adjacent teeth.

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Implants are a very predictable treatment option. They have good long term success rates but require regular care and maintenance to ensure they remain healthy for as long as possible.

Implants are generally placed under local anaesthetic. Once numb treatment is carried out with the very minimum of discomfort.

No, your dentist will show you how to clean any hard to reach areas around the implant. But you’ll mostly clean them as you would your normal teeth.

Dental implants are designed to provide a long term solution to your gap(s). They require less frequent replacement than other solutions such as dentures or bridgework, making them an overall cost-effective solution to replace a missing tooth (teeth).

They’re much thinner in design, they are lighter but still strong to retain their shape. Plus they feel more comfortable in the mouth, as well as being better for keeping your mouth and teeth healthy.

Colbalt Chromium Dentures are a removable solution to replace your missing teeth. They should be removed each night to ensure that your mouth remains healthy. Colbalt Chromium dentures can be removed to allow teeth to be thoroughly cleaned.

Valplast dentures are made from a nylon resin which is flexible to mould to the shape and movement of your mouth. The materials ensure the colours blend seamlessly with the rest of your mouth too, so there are no metal clasps which can be seen in the mouth.

These are much less invasive to have created to suit your mouth too, anaesthetic isn’t need and your existing teeth won’t need any work done to them.

Yes, the flexible design of Valplast dentures ensures that these partial dentures can adapt to suit the shape of your mouth and how it moves too.

You get a personalised smile that blends seamlessly with the rest of your mouth; plus their unique press process for creating the base gives a precise fit for your mouth which feels = comfortable and stable.

Yes, iDentures will need only a soft denture brush and warm water to keep them clean on a daily basis. Ensuring you care for them is great for encouraging a sense of wellbeing in yourself and also keeps your mouth healthy too.

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Rob tells us he could not be happier with his treatment at The Dental House.

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Dr. Rahul answers your questions regarding Implants at The Dental House

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