Dr. Stephen Mullan


GDC Number – 227289

Dr Stephen Mullan is originally from Northern Ireland and has lived and practiced on Merseyside since 2013.

He is a graduate of Queen’s University and a member for the Royal College of Surgeons of England.

Dr Stephen has recently completed his Masters Degree in Advanced MI Dentistry from Europe’s ranked #1 Dental School @ Kings College London. He is one of only 4 dentists in the UK to have this new qualification.

What does all of this mean for your Dental care provided by Stephen at the Dental House?

Stephen is a firm believer in ‘Patient Centred are’ – keeping you at the forefront of your own care and valuing your opinions, wants and needs when planning your care, using the most modern holistic approaches to Dentistry and prevention decay and gum problems.

This means that your teeth will stay healthy, white and beautiful for life. You might even enjoy coming to the Dentist in the relaxed, fun atmosphere that he strives to create daily!

Stephen is excited to provide the most tooth-friendly & bespoke cosmetic care plans for new and existing patients, including whitening, composite bonding/veneers and Invisalign, tailored to each patient’s desire.

Outside of work Stephen is manager of the local football side Liverpool Hibernia and also enjoys Cycling.