The Dental House Live on the BBC

Being a campaigner for reducing sugar consumption for better oral health, Stuart was approached by BBC Radio Merseyside to talk about statistics surrounding children’s tooth extractions on the station’s drive-time show.

Listen here:

Tooth extractions in children aged under four years of age have risen by a quarter over the last ten years- this was one of the shocking statistics that sparked Stuart’s conversation with BBC Radio Merseyside’s presenter Paul Salt. Other worrying facts have emerged including that the most common reason for children aged between 5 and 9 being hospitalised is actually for the purpose of tooth extractions which need to be performed under general anaesthetic.

We find this information really saddening since the use of general anaesthetic is not 100% safe for every patient and since tooth decay is avoidable, people are putting their children under unnecessary risks. This is why The Dental House is passionate about promoting messages surrounding reducing sugar intake, especially for children and we want to help our patients to become more aware of the hidden sugars in some of their favourite foods and drinks.

Stuart was interviewed last year on ITV’s Granada Reports and Radio City as an ambassador for Liverpool’s ‘Sugar Stop’ campaign. This incentive is focused particularly on the high levels of sugar hiding within many popular soft drinks (see image below) so cutting these out of your diet is an easy way to reduce the amount of sugar that you consume.

However, it is not only soft drinks that are the problem, it’s sweets, cakes, chocolate, biscuits and some less obvious sources such as processed jars of pasta sauce that can contain a worrying amount of sugar. Having sugar hits throughout the day leads to more acid attacks which can lead to tooth decay and, ultimately, the requirement for tooth extractions.

We recommend that parents monitor the sugars that children consume in their diets by making a habit of checking the labels on processed foods and swapping juices and fizzy drinks for milk and water. Children, just like adults, need to brush their teeth thoroughly twice a day to reduce plaque building up and to keep their teeth and mouths clean and healthy. Prevention is a key philosophy at The Dental House and we hope to spread the message about reducing sugar to as many people as possible.