Cosmetic Dentist in Liverpool

Looking for a Cosmetic Dentist in Liverpool?

Great news for those of you hoping to have cosmetic dentistry in Liverpool…we have all of the treatments that you could need for your very own ‘smile makeover’…all under one roof!
Composite Bonding is fast becoming one of the most popular and requested cosmetic dentistry treatments in Liverpool. If suitable for treatment, this technique could be the perfect way to improve, enhance even transform your smile in 2020.

Chips, gaps and stains are some of the top problems that can be resolved using composite bonding and our Liverpool dentists are great at solving such issues. Follow us on Instagram to admire the work of our fantastic cosmetic dentists:

Having teeth that we are unhappy with can cause low self-esteem because they can stop us from looking our best. Chipped and stained teeth can actually make us look older than we are and cause us to feel self-conscious; but don’t worry, composite bonding could be the perfect solution for you.
Composite bonding is a cosmetic dentistry technique whereby we add composite resin to the surface of your teeth. It generally involves no need for injections / anaesthetic as often there is no drilling required into your natural teeth.

To optimise the results of this cosmetic treatment, most patients opt to whiten their teeth before treatment so that the composite material can be matched to their new, brighter and whiter shade of teeth. We have a few options available for professional teeth whitening treatment all of which come with custom-made, bespoke trays that are designed to fit your teeth perfectly.

If composite bonding is not the right treatment for your needs, we have many options for improving the appearance of your smile and boosting your self-esteem! Options include: braces, composite bonding, dental implants, facial aesthetics, tooth whitening treatment and advanced dental therapy treatments including professional stain removal treatment.

We also have a Specialist Endodontist for patients requiring advanced root canal treatment.
The Dental House not only offers some of the latest dental technologies and equipment to perform cosmetic dentistry, we also offer a fresh, modern and stylish environment as well as amazing staff who take pride in caring for even the most nervous of patients.

Our 2020 diary is now open and we are ready to book you in for your own ‘smile makeover’! Not currently a patient of ours? Use our quick and easy online tool to input your details and select a suitable appointment slot:
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