Composite Bonding

Composite Bonding:

Begin your journey to a customised style makeover…

Chips, gaps, stains? What is it that bothers you most about your teeth? Our talented clinicians perform beautiful smile makeovers right here at The Dental House; finally get the straight, white teeth you have always wanted.

Having teeth that we are unhappy with can cause low self-esteem because they can stop us from looking our best. Chipped and stained teeth can actually make us look older than we are and cause us to feel self-conscious; but don’t worry, composite bonding could be the perfect solution for you.
Composite bonding is a cosmetic technique whereby we add composite resin to the surface of your teeth. It generally involves no need for injections / anaesthetic as often there is no drilling required into your natural teeth.

Most patients opt to whiten their teeth before treatment so that the composite material can be matched to their new, brighter and whiter shade of teeth. We have a few options available for professional teeth whitening treatment all of which come with custom-made, bespoke trays that are designed to fit your teeth perfectly.

Why not come along for a consultation? We will discuss in detail the shape, colour and style of teeth that you would like. Your smile is bespoke and custom designed. Treatment is usually completed in a single visit and will provide you with a dream makeover and single day smile transformation.
There are plenty of examples on our Instagram and Facebook pages that provide some idea of potential smile transformations.

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We offer FREE cosmetic consultations with our Treatment Coordinator during which this, or any other treatment can be discussed in more details and finance options can be explained.