Baby Teeth!

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Q: When should I first take my baby to the dentist?
A: As soon as they have teeth!

NHS Dental care for babies and children is free and they are entitled to have their first appointment as soon as those ‘Milk Teeth’ appear. It’s true that your baby might not co-operate very well (or at all!), but it’s really important to get them used to visiting the dentist from an early age.

Toddler Check-up

We all know how stubborn and ‘challenging’ toddlers can be…so it’s a good idea to get you child familiar with the dentist even before they reach this point in development. Your baby’s first visit will be a success if they open their mouth and let their dentist take a look! We wouldn’t expect them to sit still for any real length of time. The point is, they get used to the environment and any potential anxieties can, hopefully, be eliminated early-on.

Many adults admit to having some worries when attending dental appointments and, sometimes, parents can pass such fears on to their children. So why not try to approach the issue in a totally different light and say, “Great news! We are going to visit the dentist and it will be lots of fun!”

Baby-friendly Check-up

Children often love coming to see us here at The Dental House. They enjoy sitting in the ‘special’ moving chair, become fascinated with the equipment and feel proud when we reward them with stickers for doing so well!

There is plenty of help, advice and tips available on the NHS website to help you look after your baby’s teeth: